UCI Functional Genomics, Bioinformatics and Data Management Core (FGBDMC)


Ali Mortazavi, PhD. & Vivek Swarup, PhD., Co-Directors

The primary objectives of the Functional Genomics, Bioinformatics and Data Management Core (FGBDMC) are to: (1) develop and implement standardized data acquisition and data analysis protocols for the UCI model-AD efforts, (2) acquire and integrate external data to inform AD animal models generated by the project, and (3) upload processed and quality-checked RNA-seq results to the model-AD repository hosted by SAGE.

The FGBDMC will be instrumental in the identification and prioritization of potential non-coding regulatory variants for inclusion into the model-AD pipeline using data from human and mouse ENCODE regulatory information and GTEx eQTL data. The FGBDMC will also work on incorporating single-cell RNA-seq data into the model-AD project as it becomes available.

The end result will allow the FGBDMC to support deep phenotyping using RNA-seq of mice generated by the project and to identify gene expression changes that are found in the model-AD mice as compared to wild type mice as well as human AD patients.