Abstract Title Authors Session # Session Day & Time
Methodology To Objectively Prioritize Therapeutic Hypotheses in Alzheimer’s Disease Via Target Risk Scoring and Biological Domain Annotation S.Keegan, J. Wiley, G. Cary, J. Gockley, J. Liu, L. Heath, A. Greenwood, L. Mangravite, B. Logsdon, R. Butler, J. Zhang, H. Wu, K. Huang, F. Longo, A. Levey, G.W. Carter 085.11 11/12/2022, 1-5 PM
Agora: An open platform for exploration of Alzheimer’s Disease evidence J.S. Britton, J. Glockley, L. Bradic, M.S. Fazza, M. Courville, J. Hendrickson, K. Do, N. Grosenbacher, S. Simon, D.S. Aluthgamage, C.E. Alvarado, J. Hodgson, A.K. Greenwood 119.28 11/13/2022, 8 AM-12 PM
The MODEL-AD Explorer: An interactive, open access dashboard sharing phenotypic and gene expression data from Alzheimer’s mouse models J.M. Hendrickson, S. Gelfand, R. Pandey, R. Yaxley, III, A. Gomez-Arboledas, G. Milinkeviciute, J.S. Britton, N. Rezaie, A. Uyar, A.L. Oblak, J. Mincer, M.A. Peters, A. Vander Linden, J. Schneider, M.S. Fazza, A. Mortazavi, F.M. Laferla, A.J. Tenner, B.T. Lamb, K. Green, G.W. Carter, A.K. Greenwood 119.29 11/13/2022, 8 AM–12PM
Inpp5d deficiency attenuates amyloid pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease P.B.-C. Lin, A.P.-Y. Tsai, D. Soni, A. Lee-Gosselin, M. Moutinho, S. Puntambekar, G.E. Landreth, B.T. Lamb, A. Oblak 195.15 11/13/2022, 1-5 PM
Plcg2 variants elicit differential microglial responses and disease pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease S.J. Bissel, A.P. Tsai, P.B.-C. Lin, C. Dong, E. Messenger, M. Moutinho, G. Xu, Y. Liu, A. Oblak, K. Nho, B.T. Lamb, G.E. Landreth 275.02 11/14/2022, 8 AM-12 PM
Ozone dysregulates astrocyte-associated proteins in the amyloid plaque microenvironment C. Ahmed, H.J. Greve, C. Garza-Lombo, J.A. Johnson, Jr., A. Oblak, M. Block 276.04 11/14/2022, 8 AM-12 PM
The role of INPP5D in tau pathology D. Soni, P.B.-C. Lin, A. Lee-Gosselin, E. Mason, A.P.-Y. Tsai, M. Moutinho, B.T. Lamb, S. Chu, A. Oblak 276.07 11/14/2022, 8 AM-12 PM
Characterization of aging X genetic X environment as precision disease models for evaluation of therapeutic interventions for the treatment of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease M. Sasner, A. Oblak, K.P. Kotredes, D. Garceau, S.-P. G. Williams, S. Doolen, K.A. Haynes, G. Little, D.S. Santos, C. Ingraham, C. Lloyd, B. Perkins, P.R. Territo, B.T. Lamb, G.W. Carter, G. Howell, S.J. Sukoff Rizzo 370.12 11/14/2022, 1-5 PM
Human microRNA-298 (miR-298) in biochemical cascades leading to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) R. Wang, N. Chopra, B. Maloney, B.T. Lamb, A.J. Saykin, K. Sambamurti, S.E. Counts, D.K. Lahiri 426.06 11/15/2022, 9:15-9:30 AM
Reduced PLCG2 expression alters microglial responses and exacerbates disease pathology in a murine model of Alzheimer’s Disease E. Messenger, A.P. Tsai, C. Dong, P.B.-C. Lin, A. Oblak, M. Moutinho, G. Xu, Y. Liu, K. Nho, S.J. Bissel, B.T. Lamb, G.E. Landreth 529.17 11/15/2022, 1-5 PM
Inpp5d modulates tau pathology in vivo A.L. Oblak, A. Lee-Gosselin, D. Soni, B.T. Lamb, C.A. Lasgna-Reeves 535.17 11/15/2022, 1-5 PM
Transcriptional assessment of novel mouse models harboring human genetic variants associated with late-onset Alzheimer’s disease G. Carter, C. Preuss, R. Pandey, A. Uyar, D. Garceau, K. P. Kotredes, H. Williams, A. Oblak, P. B.-C. Lin, B. Perkins, D. Soni, C. Ingraham, A. Lee-Gosselin, B.T. Lamb, G.R. Howell, M. Sasner 613.20 11/16/2022, 8 AM-12 PM
Genetically diverse mouse models of alzheimer’s Disease reveal an association between glycan metabolism and cerebral amyloid angiopathy K.J. Elk, A. Uyar, D. Garceau, R. O’Rourke, K.P. Kotredes, K.D. Onos, G.W. Carter, G.R. Howell, M. Sasner 613.21 11/16/2022, 8 AM-12 PM
Assessing the role of ABCA7*A1527G risk in a novel mouse model late-onset Alzheimer’s disease P.R. Territo, A. Oblak, E. Chumin, S. Persohn, A. Bedwell, K. Eldridge, R. Speedy, K.P. Kotredes, R. Pandey, S.J. Sukoff Rizzo4, G.W. Carter, B.T. Lamb, M. Sasner, G.R. Howell 616.08 11/16/2022, 8 AM-12 PM
Targeting the immune contributioins to neurodegeneration via the IL1RAP signaling axis K.P. Kotredes, G.A. Prieto, M. Sasner, G.W. Carter, C.W. Cotman, G.R. Howell 624.13 11/16/2022, 8 AM-12 PM