Characterization of genetic and environmental influences in a novel mouse model of late-onset AD  Adrian L. Oblak

Effects of Western Diet in Modeling Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease in Laboratory Mice   Kevin Kotredes  Kotredes P334 ADPD 2021 Diet

Determining mechanisms by which variations in the MTHFR gene cause cerebrovascular damage  Alaina Reagan Reagan38657_A common risk variant in the MTHFR gene contributes to age-related cerebrovascular dysfunction in VCID

Neurovascular uncoupling of cerebral blood flow and glucose metabolism in APOE4, TREM2, and APOE4.TREM2 mice  Paul Territo  TerritoNeurovascularUncouplingADPD

Using Genetically Diverse Collaborative Cross Mouse Strains to Model Alzheimer’s Disease  Asli Uyar  UyarUsingGeneticallyDiverseCCStrainsADPD21

Metabolomics profiling reveals distinct signatures in the serum and brain metabolomes in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease  Ravi Pandey  PandeyMetabolomicsProfiling_POSTER_ADPD2021_Final

Chronic Verubecestat Treatment Suppresses Amyloid Accumulation in Aged 5XFAD mice but fails to improve cognitive outcomes  Stacey Rizzo  Sukoff RizzoChronicVerubecestatTreatmentADPD2021PosterFinal