The synergistic role of high-fat diet and genetic predisposition in Alzheimer’s disease. Adrian L. Oblak, Kevin Kotredes, Ravi Pandey, Mike Sasner, Greg Carter, Bruce Lamb and Gareth Howell. Poster #55514, IP-BSP-1 [In-Person Posters] Basic Science & Pathogenesis: Genetics

Differential splicing analyses of late-onset AD models reveals alterations in neuronal genes associated with disease.  Ravi S Pandey

LOAD2: A late-onset Alzheimer’s disease mouse model expressing APOE4, Trem2*R47H, and humanized amyloid-beta. Kevin P. Kotredes, Adrian Oblak, Christoph Preuss, Ravi Pandey, Paul Territo, Stacey Rizzo, Gregory Carter, Mike Sasner, Gareth R. Howell, Bruce T. Lamb, and the MODEL-AD Center

A new set of mouse models to determine the role of the anti-aging factor Klotho in late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Christoph Preuss, Kevin P Kotredes, Dylan Garceau, Gareth R Howell, Michael Sasner and Gregory W Carter, The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, USA

Data alignment to model Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Rawan Olayan

Incorporating Genetic Diversity to Improve Alignment of Mouse Models to Human Alzheimer’s Disease. Asli Uyar

Brain-wide comparison of amyloid progression across traditional and novel mouse models. Adam Bleckert, Dylan Garceau, Ritesh Chidambaram, Cynthia Ingraham, Peter Bor-Chian Lin, Andy Po-Yi Tsai, Adrian L Oblak, Bruce T. Lamb, Michael Sasner, and Tim Ragan

Evaluation of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease risk variants in mouse models. Michael Sasner, Adrian L Oblak, Dylan Garceau, Kevin P Kotredes, Disha Soni, Peter Bor-Chian Lin, Christoph Preuss, Asli Uyar, Ravi S Pandey, Gregory W Carter, Bruce T. Lamb, Gareth R Howell and The MODEL-AD Consortium. Poster #55629, IP-BSP-1 [In-Person Posters] Basic Science & Pathogenesis: Genetics

INPP5D as a potential therapeutic target against Alzheimer’s disease. Poster #53236, IP-BSP-3 [In-Person Posters] Basic Science & Pathogenesis: Molecular and Cell Biology

PLCG2 expression is associated with plaque-associated microglia in Alzheimer’s disease. Poster #54755, IP-BSP-1 [In-Person Posters] Basic Science & Pathogenesis: Genetics

NCRAD Family Study and NIA-LOAD Brain Tissue: A NCRAD Resource

Determining mechanisms by which variations in the MTHFR gene cause cerebrovascular damage.

Single-cell multi-omics analysis identifies dynamic regulation of SREBF1 in Alzheimer’s disease. Vivek Swarup. Hybrid Oral Session #49956. Session Name: Genetics, Epigenetics and Multi-omics of AD Across Different Cell Types. Thursday, July 29, 2021: 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM.

Development of new mouse strains containing alleles of loci associated with higher risk of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (LOAD). Forner et al. Abstract Proposal #: 55651

Accumulation of periodic-acid Schiff granules are increased in the presence of humanized amyloid beta. Forner et al. Abstract Proposal #: 55658

Bulk and single-nucleus analysis on the 3xTgAD cortex and hippocampus transcriptome. Rezaie et al. Abstract Proposal #: 56475


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